Leadenhall Building

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Leadenhall Building

Complete M&E fit out for the 14thfloor of the Leadenhall building in partnership with Ruddy Fit-Out.

The building was designed by world famous RSHP design consultants. On completion of the building RSHP moved their complete London operation from West London to the new Leadenhall Building.

Role: M&E Contractor

Work Involved:

As part of the tender process we were invited into the RSHP design meetings for the new offices. As part of the design all of the M&E services were to be exposed. The detail of these services formed the overall look of the open office plan. This included over 400 bespoke lights, which were to be controlled individually from the lighting control system.

The programme for the project was 16 weeks from starting on site to RSHP moving in. The site location and time frames for this project required a combined logistical approach from the client and our delivery team to achieve the move in date required.

ARUP’s design team worked closely with RSHP and our site based delivery team to manage any design changes required. This enabled the works to flow without delay and allowed for quick design changes with minimal impact on the overall programme.

RSHP were extremely pleased with the outcome and finish of the project.

Electrical Works

  • Installation of main LV distribution equipment within the 14th floor.
  • Installation of containment including bespoke lighting trough.
  • Installation of LV power installations to all desks and service areas.
  • Installation of LV lighting system including DALI control system.
  • Installation of bespoke LED lighting and trough system.
  • Installation of fire alarm system integrated to main building system.
  • Installation of BMS system.
  • Installation of LV power system for HVAC system.
  • Testing and commissioning of all services.

RSH - Leadenhall Building

RSH - Leadenhall Building

Mechanical Works

  • Installation of main sprinkler system within the 14th floor.
  • Installation of duct work system.
  • Installation of air vent grill / plenum.
  • Installation of A/C pipe work.
  • Installation of cold and hot water and waste services within the 14th floor.
  • Installation of insulation to duct work and pipes.
  • Testing and commissioning of all services.

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